Emergency Procedure

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During the initial phase of any event, a Net Controller will be appointed to establish a Primary Net in accordance with the frequencies listed in the RADIO FACILITIES section (SOP page 9). This Net will initially be used to alert ARES members (and others) of the initial details of the event and convey Instructions as to how, when and where to respond.

The Net Controller should be located physically away from operations so that he/she will not be distracted by extraneous sights and sounds, but rather will be able to fully concentrate on controlling the communications occurring on the Net.

Once the operation commences, the Net Controller may elect to continue to use the Primary Frequency for Net Operations or establish a separate Net for this purpose. Depending on the volume of traffic occurring, other frequencies may be designated for:

  • General Communications
  • Formal Traffic Passing
  • Volunteer Check In
  • Other, as required


Attention all Radio Operators, this EMERGENCY NET will be conducted on this frequency until further notice. If you are not involved or only monitoring, please refrain from using this frequency until the emergency is over.

Check-in's to this Net will be taken in the following order;

  1. Emergency Traffic
  2. Priority Traffic
  3. Routine Traffic

When checking into this NET please state your call sign USING PHONETICS only, when Net Control brings you into the NET please provide the following information.

  1. Your Call sign
  2. First Name
  3. Location
  4. Any traffic to list

All stations are requested to stay on frequency unless excused by net control.


The Net will now stand by for any stations with emergency traffic, please call now.

  • After all emergency traffic is passed

The Net will now stand by for stations with priority traffic, please call now.

  • After all priority traffic is passed

The Net will now stand by for routine traffic and all stations wishing to check-in, please call now.

  • After all traffic is passed and check-ins are completed

- Repeat the sequence until your shift is finished or the Net is closed.